The E-Content Bank of Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanja Deo University, Baripada is established with an objective to disseminate knowledge through electronic media.

E-Content of Teach Mayurbhanj Program

The E-Content Bank contain study materials in various subjects offered in the university. These are as follows.
Video lecture programmes =71
e-content (PPT) = 55
e-content (Handouts) = 58
Links to video lecture:
  1. Biochemistry-1
  2. Biochemistry-2
  3. Enzymology-1
  4. Enzymology-2
  5. Enzymology-3
  6. Enzymology-4
  7. Enzymology-5
  8. Enzymology-6
  9. Enzymology-7
  10. Enzymology-8
  11. Enzymology-9
  12. Enzymology-10