North Orissa University was established with the objectives of providing quality professional education to all sections of students. With the advent of liberalization since 1991, the Central and State Government are seriously reviewing and evaluating the State of Higher Education especially in emerging fields. There is a marked shift in Government’s approach from regular campus higher education to higher education through distance learning mode. Most important aspect is the introduction of various professional courses in distance learning mode to generate additional resources keeping in view the recent trends in the Indian industry. In this connection, the department of Higher Education, Government of Orissa and the University Grants Commission have advised the University to generate additional resources by offering distance learning courses and self financing courses.


       All the courses will be conducted under Off-Campus-Distance Learning (OCDL) mode. Under such learning mode, the students will be given education through study centres. However, the students may join the study Centre for acquiring necessary skills and Hands on for practical subjects. Under OCDL system, special emphasis is to be given to the following points:

SELF INITIATED LEARNING (SIL): Self Initiated Learning requires specially designed study materials where the topics are derived through lessons as per the requirement of particular syllabus. The student has to set his own speed and methodology of learning with the help of various teaching/learning aids available.

PERSONAL CONTACT PROGRAMME (PCP): Personal Contact Programme is actually interactive learning session and not like regular classroom teaching. These sessions are basically organized to provide a platform to the students to clarify their doubts which they are unable to understand after going through the study materials. This is essentially a question answering session.

PRACTICAL SESSIONS: For papers/ Subjects involving practical training, the students can get associated with their study Centres.

PROJECT REPORT: Project Report forms an integral part of this system of education. This helps students to implement their knowledge, acquired during the learning process.